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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our frequently asked questions and some useful information for you, we hope this helps  ut please do message us anytime for extra information if its not listed here.

Our brand new made wedding dresses including customising if required and made to individual size are priced £1000 – £2000. Our Bridesmaid dresses are priced at £175 each

We are a realistic size wedding shop and are well known for plus sizes so we mainly have larger sizes in stock. We have sizes 6 to 36 in our bridal boutique with most being over a size 18 high street size.

On normal lead times your dress will take takes 6 months to be made and you must allow 16 weeks for alterations so you would need to secure your order 10 months before your wedding date. 

Our wedding dresses are exclusive and we have our very own labels “Pure Joie” and “Carolyn Anne’s Bridal” which are unique and not found anywhere else.

We work by appointments only as we are usually fully booked up and plan appointments weeks ahead, booking an appointment will ensure your date and time, you will have privacy in the boutique, so  you will never have to share your time with another bride. We dedicate our time to you and your bridal party. 

Yes you will always need some type of alterations once your dress arrives, this is very normal with all wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. We are not a full made to measure service as we are not he dressmakers. Alterations are not included in the price of your dress. We do recommend a highly skillled seamstress if you do not have one, who offers the best prices and exceptional service.

We can offer you a huge amount of colours choices (150 to be exact) for every wedding dress or bridesmaid dress.

On your appointment we will sit you down with you and get to know you, ask you about your wedding plans, meet your family and friends and find out your vision for your wedding dress. We then explain how we work and exactly what we can offer you. Please do not be offended when we ask you your budget, please be honest with us as then we know what dresses we can offer you. We will never put you in a dress over your budget. You are then lead to the wedding dresses and shown what is in your price range. We ask you to trust us in recommending styles for you too, as quite often it will be the dress we pick for you that you say Yes to! Feeling daring? Then opt for our customised service to have your own unique design made using our wedding dresses as inspiration.

It depends how much time you have until your wedding, but please come and see us straight away as we need to make sure there is enough time to make your dress and time for alterations. If you are later than the normal lead time then there will be a fee of £100 to bump you up the dressmakers list and give your dress priority. If you do not have time then we recommend an off peg only option.

We are afraid that we do not offer refunds on any of our dresses as they are all made brand new and exclusive for you. (No exceptions) Once your order has been placed your fabrics will be ordered and paid for. Custom wedding or bridesmaid dresses have a different ruling on refunds giving us the right to not give rerunds on custom dresses, compared to normal retail shops where products are mass produced and  can be refunded depending on the situation. Before you order your dress we ask you to read through our terms and conditions and sign before we go ahead with your order.

Our luxury custom service means you get to have your wedding dress made your way. You can use our signiture collection as inspiration for your unique design so its all made easy for you to visualise. Your appointment includes a consultation with the designer who will show you different options on how we can customise whilst you are trying on all of our wedding dresses.

Your wedding dress can either be paid for in full at the time of the order or using Klarna which means you can pay over 3 monthly payments.

We are the designers, NOT the dressmakers so not a full “Made to Measure” service with several fittings. 

On the “Made to order” appointment, we will order your dress in a standard dress size according to your largest size ie hips or waist and then compare against our dressmakers standard dress size chart. We will agree with you the size we will order and ask you to sign our terms. 

On the “Luxury custom service” appointment your dress will be made to your individual sizes of shoulder to floor including shoes, waist, bust and hips at the time of the order to help save you money when it comes to your alterations.

Again..Please note we not a full made to measure as we are not the dressmakers and some brides do change size after the order so and there will always be some tweaking needed for perfect fit. This is a a completely normal process with any wedding dress. Alterations costs are not included in the price of your dress and you pay the seamstress directly.

We will give you details of a highly recommended seamstress that’s local to us, but please note the seamstress is independent and we do not employ her. On our normal lead times you will have 16 weeks for your alterations once your dress arrives.

When to look for your dress

A good time to start looking for your wedding dress is when you are ready to buy your wedding dress. Some fabrics may get discontinued if you come months before you are ready to buy.

Normal lead times to secure your dress is 10 months before your actual wedding date. Our wedding dresses take 6 months to be made and you should allow 16 weeks for the seamstress to carry out your alterations.

Re-measuring Service.

If you have had the “Luxry custom service” appointment, we are happy to offer a remeasuring appointment 3 months before you recieve your dress if you feel you have had any major size changes since we measured you. Our dressmakers can make some changes to the size at this point.


Once your dress arrives, you will come to us for your fitting. You will get to see your beautiful dress for the first time and try it on, we can then advice which alterations will be needed for perfect fit and give you seamstress details to contact directly.

Introducing talented seamstress “Chrissie”

We highly recommend a very talented seamstress Chrissie and what we describe as a “Miracle Worker” once your dress arrives we will then pass you onto Chrissie to take care of any alterations and tweaking you may need done. 

Chrissie has been in the Fashion and Haute couture industry for the last 38 years and has her own fully equipt alterations stuido based at her home in Lancing West Sussex.

Chrissie carries out alterations for bridal boutiques and personal customers and does alterations on wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, mother of the bride outfits, womans fashion and mens suits.

Please note Chrisssie is not employed by us, just recommended by us and takes on most of our brides alterations.

Details to contact chrissie are below..

Chrissie Dawson
69 Pratton Avenue
West Sussex
BN15 9NX



Luxury Custom Service

On our luxury custom service, You get a styling consultation before we look at dresses. We can show you how we can fully customise our dresses to achieve your exact vision. The dress will also be made in your individual sizing to lower any alterations costs. Refreshments are available and Prosecco is offered to celebrate if you say “Yes to the dress” on appointment day. You also get a free gift from us to take home. Prices for our luxury custom dresses are £1000 – £2000

Bridesmaid Dresses

View 150 swatch colours and try on as many bridesmaid dresses as you wish, full customisation is also available and can be made your girls unique sizing to lower any alterations costs. Buy 3 bridesmaid dresses and get the 4th one half price.

Admin Fee of £1 – Payable when booking. 

All payments are processed securely through our website.